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Secret mantra for success in IELTS test

You must have heard the saying “No Pains, No Gains.” Well, it is really a universal quotation. It is always applicable in virtually all of the situations in life that we come across. Whenever you work hard for something then you certainly get the result you wish for and those who just do not work hard they do not reach their goal (Only their luck sometimes come into play a major role but here you shall not sit waiting for such a thing to happen in your life). If you have applied for IELTS test and you are now going to take this international test (we really want to stress the word INTERNATIONAL) then you need to work for it so that you can reach your goal, the easy.  

There are no shortcuts but there are certainly ways for getting a perfect score in IELTS test. If you get a good score then you will get admission in your desired university. So, always try for a band score which can bring for you the success you are yearning for. Here, success in getting a good band score depends highly and only on preparation. Yes, it is depended only on preparation.  

When does success come to you in IELTS?

Success comes to you in IELTS only when you focus on all four modules and prepare for them (know more about this in basics in IELTS here). Only after preparing you will be able to do well in your exam. Overcoming the challenges in all modules, you can gain a good score. 

  • You shall be able to listen to the audios well and answer questions accordingly  
  • You shall have good reading skills, skim and find answers to the questions that follow
  • You shall be good at writing essay, letters etc.
  • You shall be able to impress your interviewers at the time of your speaking test.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Guide on IELTS

A small guide on what IELTS is
If you are going to take IELTS this year then first familiarize yourself with it. IELTS test is in two forms IELTS academic and IELTS general. It will really be difficult to get through the test if proper concentration is not given during the time of preparation.
Which IELTS is easier?
Well, many of the experts say that general IELTS will be easier compare to Academic IELTS. It should be mentioned here that in both the exams there will be only four modules related to speaking, writing, listening and reading. The only difference that which is there in both the exams is this: reading and writing modules will slightly be different. For those who are aiming to continue their study abroad (graduation / post graduation / masters etc) need to apply for IELTS academics and those who are aiming to apply for a vocational course need to apply for general. Do not assume that this general exam would be easier and that it would not pose any sort of difficulty for you (It is true that the reading passages will be easier in general compare to academics and that even writing task(s) are easier but one should not take the tests lightly. Although they may look easier yet a lot of practice may require for a good score).

Summarizing the differences between General and Academic IELTS

Academic IELTS Test
General IELTS Test
 If you are the one who is applying for graduate / post graduate studies abroad in an English speaking country then Academics is required.  Even for professional reasons, you will have to prove your level of proficiency by taking this test.
If you are the one is who is looking forward to gain an entry in one of the vocational colleges in English speaking country then this general is needed. It is necessary for those who are even looking for immigration purposes.

IELTS Test modules:

Total Time Allotted: 2 Hours and 44 Minutes
Module – 1 (Listening)
  • This module will have four sections.
  • Thirty minutes of time will be given.  
Module -2 (Academic Reading)
Module – 3 (General Reading)
  • This module will consist of only 3 sections.
  • There will be a total of 40 questions that examinees will have to answer.
  • The time given would be 60 minutes. 

  • This module will also consist of only 3 sections.
  • Reading passages here will be easier. Finding answers won’t be that difficult.
  • There will be 40 questions in total. The time allotted would be 60 minutes. 

Module – 4 (Academic  Writing)
Module -5 (General Training Writing)
  • There will be two tasks. Examinees will have to be very careful in writing because a small mistake can lower down their band score.
  • Total allotted would be 1 hour.
  • General IELTS will also consist of two tasks but in comparison to Academics these tasks will be easier.
  • An hour’s time will be given for the completion of both the tasks.
Module -6 (Speaking)
Here, the examinee will have to appear for the interview. The interviewer will ask a few questions related to their personal / professional life. They may ask questions related to why they would like to study in a particular country or so. This interview session will last for only 11-14 minutes but you will have to be very much prepared for the interview so that you can easily impress the interviewer and get a good score in your IELTS.

Advice for IELTS examinees
Often, many of the test takers feel difficulty in getting the right kind of info on IELTS preparation. They really feel diffident when they do not find any way to prepare for the exam. Here, in this article we have made an attempt to help the examinees by guiding them to the right path. If you are looking for an advice related to how to prepare for the exam or how to get a score which can let you get the admission in your desired college or university then this article is truly for you. Remember this that if you follow what we have actually stated in our article then you can cross the hurdles and be a winner.   
First let us talk about the IELTS reading.
If you are the one who has completed his / her education from an English medium school then surely it won’t be too much difficult for you to tackle with the difficulties that may arise in this module but if you have pursued your secondary education from your “local language medium” school then definitely you are going to face a lot of problem. Well, do not assume that it will be impossible for you to get through it. No, it will be possible for you to pass but there will be difficulty too. So, here comes the first thing. You will have to polish your English language. You will have to focus on reading material. Yes, make it a habit of reading whatever you find in front of you. You will have to be a voracious reader (this way, it can be possible for you to gain a large number of words). Your word-bank will have a greater number of words and you can comprehend well whatever you read (Whenever you read anything, try to comprehend that well. Always keep a small dictionary with you Whenever you find any word which is difficult to understand even in relation to the context then you can have the chance to look it up into the dictionary and the let yourself know the meaning of it. This way, you will learn a lot of words).
Improve your reading skills by reading news papers, by reading magazines, science journals etc.
One things that which is worthy of mentioning here is this that the paragraphs which the examinees will get in their exams are often taken from the popular news papers or the magazines or the science journals. So, if the test takers make it a habit to read those from time-to-time then they will come to know of a lot of what they can expect or how the content of the passage would be.  

What you should do if you do not understand anything in the paragraphs during your IELTS reading test?
Well, many of the examinees talk about the problems that they sometimes face when they take this IELTS reading test. Most of the times, problems arise because of the lack of IELTS reading test preparation. If you are the one who has not opted for the training classes (be it offline or online) then it is quintessential that you should first apply for the classes because only by attending classes you can have the chance to  get to know about it well and you can do well in the exam.

If you are stuck anywhere during the time of IELTS reading then do not just be tensed
At times, it may happen that you come across certain words, the meaning of which is just not known to you. The word can just simply be a new one for you or you may not have heard of it.  At such times, you will have to focus on the context. If you try to focus on the context of the paragraph(s) then it can be easier for you understand what it can mean. Many of the examinees do not just focus on what they are reading. They just read superficially and try to answer the questions that which are there. If you too do the same thing then you are also going to fail at the exam like them. Because, IELTS reading tests require a lot of concentration form the examinees and if you, as a test taker, do not display highest level of concentration during the exam then you will certainly get a low band score.

IELTS Listening Practice is crucial- whys and wherefores
Let us now talk of the biggest hurdles in IELTS. Yes, in view of many of the test takers they believe that the biggest hurdle would be this listening test. This test will have four sections. In each section there will be a set of questions. The examinees will have to carefully listen to the running tape and will have to answer accordingly. If they miss the chance of listening to the audio properly then they will not be given any second chance to listen to the same audio again. They will have to be able to answer the question while listening to the audio. There will also be a voice guiding the examinees to what to do or in other words what not to do.  
To be able to get through this test of listening, it would be necessary that you first brush up your listening skills. Try to know more about different types of accent in English, how a particular can be pronounced differently in different types of English language. Listen to English audios, watch videos which can help you in differentiation one accent from the other.
The most important thing
Take sample IELTS listening tests. Yes, this is mandatory. You will come to know of how these tests can be only by doing a little bit of IELTS listening test practice. Listen to the audio and take exactly the same amount of time to complete the test which is required by real IELTS listening test.
Preparation for other IELTS modules
Similarly, you will have to focus on other modules too.  You will have to spend some time on IELTS speaking practice and IELTS writing practice. If you take some sample IELTS speaking and writing tests then this way you can effectively teach yourself and get to know well of how to get the score you are aiming at.  
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Want a band score 8-9 in IELTS?

Let us talk about IELTS – How to prepare and get through easily with a band score 8-9?

Internal English Language Testing System for short IELTS is highly valued across the world. No matter where you are from but if you are looking for studies in any of the best English countries then it will become indispensable for you to take IELTS first because many of the colleges or the universities across various English speaking countries ask for score in IELTS. If you are someone who knows not much about it then it is time that you should first improve your knowledge of it and then apply for it.

A bit about this international test of the eng-lang:

This IELTS was established in year 1989 (and since then till now the criterion for the selection of the students who are from countries where English is not an official language or where it is spoken less or is not spoken at all has been this test). If there is anyone who is good at academics but not really good at speaking or understanding English language then definitely such a student will not be able to get through this test. If you have a dream to see yourself pursuing education from oxford university in London or any of the best universities in England, Australia, Canada,New Zealand then it is requisite that you should prepare yourself for the test and get a score which is demanded by the international colleges and the universities. Who manages ielts test? Well, this you should know. The test is managed by three main regulatory bodies named as (i) IDP Education Pty (ii) University of Cambridge, ESOL Examinations (iii) British Council. Whether you are in one of the Asian countries such as India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka or in any country across any region you surely will get the chance to apply for the test and take the test at the centre allotted to you nearer to the place you are living in. There are centers across major countries and the cities in the country and it never can be difficult for anyone to apply for IELTS exam if they have a desire to prove their language and be able to work and study in one of the top most English speaking countries.

What is this exam all about? Why is it necessary for anyone who aspires to study in an English country to take this exam?

Well, this is an exam, the importance of which can’t be overlooked. This is an exam which asses the level of fluency of an English language knower. If you are the one who is good at English and you are aiming to go to a country where English is the official language then you need to prove that you too are capable of making use of this language. So, this IELTS exam is an exam which will let the university authorities or the college authorities judge or infer the level of your English fluency by looking at your score in IELTS. If your score is good then only you will be known as a certified English speaker. If you are not able to get a good score in your IELTS then you will not be able to get admission in the college or the university you wish to study in. You can’t get admission without you taking this exam. If you do not take this exam and get a good score then you will have to just simply forget the idea of studying in one of the best and highly looked-for colleges or the universities in any English speaking country. Hence, to accomplish your goals or to be able to see what you would like to become in your life by being in an English country you will have to take this exam otherwise you will have to just simply continue education or your studies in your own country.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Online Training IELTS

Advantages of taking Online IELTS Training

IELTS is a test which assesses the English language of the applicants. If you are a student and you are looking forward to continue your studies in a foreign university or a college then it becomes necessary for you to take this test and get passed with a good band score. First thing that we would like to clear is this that there is nothing like “pass” or “fail” in this test. It is a test in which nobody gets failed but score a band score which is not worthy or enough for them to bring a chance for them to fulfill their dream of studying in a foreign university or a college.

What shall the IELTS applicant do?

If you are now about to take your IELTS test then what we suggest for you first is this: you need to concentrate on practice. Yes, what you have read there is right. You need to focus on IELTS preparation because a good band score is possible only when you train yourself for it. See, it is a natural thing. In order to achieve anything, dedication and enthusiasm to achieve the same are just indispensable and if you do not show these two qualities in you then you will not be able to get what you are earnestly in quest of. Similarly, if you are looking for a score which can be better and which can bring for you a chance to study in one of the top most foreign universities then it is all-important that you devote time to IELTS preparation. Yes, you will have to spend good amount of time in preparing yourself for the test because this test is not just going to be like one of the common academic exams which may asses your knowledge and then grade. It is a tests which has international standard and judges all your skills related to the language such as listening skills, reading skills, writing skills and speaking skills.

Joining IETLS Training course online:

If you have do not have time then still do not try to skip training yourself for this test under the same pretext of not getting enough time, because training is just mandatory. If you do not have time to go to any institute for getting trained for your IELTS test then it is always better that you apply for the IELTS preparation course online. In fact, applying online, you can gain myriad advantages. You will get the chance to prepare yourself for it anytime you would like to. You get the chance to take “n” number of IELTS sample tests. You can get the score right after the completion of the IELTS tests (IELTS reading test, IELTS writing test etc) you take so this will help you assess what your level of the language is and how much more you will have to improve yourself etc.

What shall you do if you are not good at English language?

Well, if you are not good at English language then you will have to then first work on your language because tests in IELTS such as IELTS reading test, IELTS writing test, IELTS speaking and listening tests are all very difficult and will surely pose a great problem even for those who know good amount of English language. If your English language is not good then focus on your language improvement first and then focus on practicing for your IELTS. Visit our source:

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Attempting IELTS for the first time

Are you perfectly au fait with the IELTS?

Discussed in this article are:

(i) key points on which success in IELTS is based,
(ii) myriad benefits of IELTS preparation.

Who doesn’t want to get a stunningly higher band score at just one attempt? Who doesn’t want to get a band score 8, 9 or even above, if possible? Who doesn’t want to get their dreams fulfilled as early as possible? Well, IELTS is an exam which (taken by many of the students or those who have an aim in life to go abroad or to such an English speaking country where they can get innumerable chances to earn) is one of the toughest exams which asses the English language skills.

Criteria to get passed in IELTS:

If we here talk of how one can easily get strikingly good score in IELTS then what can be said in simple words is this: “Practice in a real way or as required by IELTS.” Work on question papers. Take demo exams with real enthusiasm (It is imperative that you should have the inclination to practice for this IELTS test because if you do not practice enough then you may not get the result (leave alone getting the expected result, you will not even be able to reach to the boundaries of it.

It will really be difficult even to reach the periphery of success).

All four essential skills (reading / writing / speaking / listening) are needed to get a brilliant score in IELTS

I know English well so do I still need to practice for this IELTS test?

Well, the question you see above is a very common one. If there are 100 students or the applicants who are aiming to take this exam then out of all those students you will surely find 80% of the students who will ask the same question. In fact, this question comes up whenever there is a talk of getting a good band-score in the exam. Many of the students think that their English language is good and that there will be no necessity of working on previously conducted

IELTS question papers. They really believe that if they get the superficial view of how the exam paper would be and how the questions would be then it would really be enough for them to get passed with a score they may expect.

Thinking this way, many of the students voluntarily leads themselves to the failure in IELTS (here, failure means that they will get a very low score, which will certainly be not enough or can’t even bring a chance for them to get admission in any foreign university or a college.

Everybody knows this that there is no pass or fail in this international English language testing system. There is only band score, if you get a good score you get the option to apply in topmost foreign colleges or universities but if you do not get a good band score then all your dreams will get shattered…). Yes, it is a fact, if you see the stats then you will come to know of this that many of the students, even those who have been from English medium or those who have even shown constant scoring in English language or in studies, get low score in IELTS. Many of the intelligent or the brightest students get a very low score in IELTS exam which turns out to be very less enough for them that they do not get a chance to study in a college or a university they really wish to take admission in.

Knowing English can just be an added advantage:

Added Advantage for IELTSRemember, if you are looking for a chance to study in a reputed college in Australia, Canada or even New Zealand or in any country where English is an official language then what is needed for you first is the language. Yes, you require English language. You need to have great level of proficiency in it. And if you do not have expertise then you will not have the chance to pursue your dreams in a right manner. Now, if we are talk of role of the English language in IELTS then it can be said that knowing English will solve out half of your problem. Yes, it will really sort out half of your problem.

Source for IELTS Help:

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IELTS – not an easier one to get through

Focus on IELTS preparation if you are aiming for a higher band score

IELTS is one of the international tests which a large number of students focus on, especially from those who are from sub continent. No matter, in which part of the world you live in, if you are desirous of taking this test then you can find one center for IELTS near to you. Now with so many institutes offering IELTS coaching for those who are looking forward to take this test, the problem of applying for the test seems to be a bit sorted out as the students or those who would like to take the test rely on the institute professionals who take up the responsibility of booking a slot for the IELTS takers. If you are unaware of where to apply or how to apply etc then it is always better that you should reach official website and find the information. Browsing a little, you can find a center near to your city and you can find it easier for yourself to apply online or offline.

How to pass this IELTS online test? How to get band 8 or band 9 in your IELTS?

When anyone takes the test then the first intention of that applicant would anyhow be to get a good score because the colleges or other universities look for the candidates those have got a good score in their IELTS. Your chances to be able to study in top most universities of the US or Australia or Canada, New Zealand or in universities of any other country where English is the official language, will surely be not fulfilled if you do not get a good score.

To get a good score you need to practice IELTS

Yes, if you are looking forward to see yourself in the colleges which are worldly known or which have got great reputation then it is of pivotal importance that you be focus on practice and spend considerable amount of time to train yourself.

Getting through your IELTS Reading Test - how?

If you are wondering how to get through this difficult reading test in IELTS then just focus on following information which is meant for those who have this unusual fear of failure in their heart.

There four different tests which the applicants will take. They will take IELTS listening test, IELTS speaking test, IELTS writing and reading test. In all the tests the applicants are expected to perform well or get a good score near to 7 or 8 bands at least so that the aggregate score should be good. If you do not manage to get a good score in one test module then it is suggested that you try to get a good score or much better band score in next test module so that the score can get leveled. Your aggregate score will determine whether you are applicable to study in a foreign university or a college or not.

All these tests require that you perform well. Just a lapse or even a small mistake will snatch away your chance of studying or living English country. If you are aiming for something higher then is crucial that you shift your concentration on to IELTS practice.

Focusing on IELTS reading is of pivotal importance, why?

IELTS Reading tests can really be difficult for those who just take this test without any needed practice

Reading test requires that you should be able not just to read the given text in the passages but be able to grasp what is said or suggested in the paragraphs. It is necessary that you should have good vocabulary. If you know a large number of synonyms, antonyms or homonyms or other types of word-groups then you can be able to understand the text because in the test you can’t expect how the vocabulary can be. Even a simple word sometimes gets presented in such a way that the readers get confused.

You need to have good analytical skills. You need to get the topic just by reading cursorily.

At times, it may happen that you may not be able to get the meaning of the text so at such times it is suggested or even recommended by the professional trainers that the meaning should be understood, focusing more on the context. If you try to understand a situation with reference to the context then it can be easier for you to get the whole meaning later. So, never get your thread of comprehension cut short by any of the complex or never-heard-of words in your IETLS reading tests (If possible enroll for IELTS practice or take some IELTS sample tests in reading. This will tremendously help you for sure).

  • You should have good skills related to time management. You should have good vocabulary to understand what the reading passages are talking about.
  • You should have skills to infer answers or locate answers of the question given in the test paper.
  • You should have skills to grasp the matter as quickly as you necessary in IELTS online tests.
  • Take IELTS sample tests or IELTS practice tests in order to improve your score in your real test 
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Tips on IELTS preparation

Tips on IELTS  for everyone who is preparing for their IELTS

IELTS online Training
IELTS learners are always in quest of some useful tips on IELTS exam which can help them get through the exam perfectly well and with a good score, of course. If you are one who has been searching on the net for a resource through which you can come to know virtually everything about it and even how to get enviably the best or the most expected score then you are here on the right web page. Our blog post here will let the IELTS learners know about how they can get passed this exam in flying colors.

Why this source?

Well, it is true that there are many resources to know about IELTS or to be more precise how to carry out IELTS practice then why is it that you should find us here. If this same question has come up in your mind then we would first like to give an answer to this and then  move on. It is a known fact that if the information is authentic and is given by experts who have been the masters of the subject then definitely the learners will get to know a lot about it and even it will be easier for them to sort out the issues related to the same. Following the most effectively presented pieces of advice from the experts, learners can have the opportunity to gain grades even beyond their own expectations. This blog post here is a masterpiece, written by an experienced IELTS professional who have been writing about IELTS or on tips so as to let the learners know more about it…

Tips for every IELTS test taker

Here are the most effective and the most utilized tips for the students and everyone who is aiming for a good score in their exam. Following a few basic principles of getting through this exam, it can be easier for the learners to cross any hurdle that which might crop up when they take their final exam. 

Know first about the instructions:


Learning IELTS Online
Many of the IELTS exam takers do not focus on reading the instructions. When they get the paper, they just start writing without focusing on what the instructions are. So, it really, is a bad thing. You need to first pay attention to the instructions. You need to spend considerable amount of time in reading what is there in the IELTS instructions. If once you get acquainted with the instructions then you can move on flawlessly well.  Many of those who have taken IELTS coaching feels that they already are aware of it (as they enough IELTS practice or have taken many IELTS sample tests) and it would really be not necessary for them to read on to know about, as they already know about it. Remember, any time, anything can change so it is always better to spend a minute (then to spend a month again or so to take the exam again after facing an expected failure).

Focus on instructions about IELTS reading test, IELTS writing test more, because here if you do not follow what has been instructed then you are going to be in a trouble. For instance, if the examiner has asked you to write only 250 Words for the task 1 in the writing test then it means that you need to write only 250 words only. If you write lesser than that then you will not get a good score. And even if you try to write more than that, say, you have written some 350 words in your writing task 1 then again it will be problem. So, it is recommended that you should follow what has been said or how the examiner wants you to be. Focus on all of the major modules otherwise it will be difficult to get passed.

A bit about IELTS Practice in a much more test-like environment

If you would like to get a score which you aim for in order to be able to get the admission in your desired university or a college then it is essential that you first focus more and more on what is needed, that is practice. YES, IELTS practice is of core importance. If you do not focus on it then you may not get to know about how trickier the questions can be or how sometimes vocabulary comes into play a devastating role or can shatter your dreams of studying in a top most college in Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc. Practicing IELTS  is necessary and this should be done in a test-like environment.many of the people feel that there will be a lot of pressure and the time allotted would not be sufficient. So, once you begin practicing IELTS tests in a real test-like environment then it will be good for you to move on perfectly well. you can get to know more about how much time you can spend on a particular question or how to handle a few difficult situations of answering a question etc.  You even get acquainted with the exam pattern so very well that you will not get much trouble during your real IELTS exam.  So, never ever underestimate the significance of the IELTS reading tests, IELTS speaking tests or the IELTS writing and Listening tests etc. Focus on all of the four modules and practice enough to get perfect in all.

Make use of a watch to see how much time you are spending on each of the sections in reading, listening etc. record your timings during the time of your practice. Take as many IELTS sample tests as necessary so that you can bring some more and more improvement in yourself. Lastly, prepare seriously and be focussed until to become  perfect in managing the time or answering questions as instructed etc. Try and stick to the schedule. Practice according to the timetable set.

Building up confidence, key to success:

Confidence has a great role to play here. Even if you have done enough practice you know all about it or how to get through but still you do not posses confidence that you are going to face unexpected results. It is essential that you should have confidence in yourself and if you do not posses this essential things in you then you will get no good results. Do not feel nervous or diffident. Keep a smile on your face and say to yourself that everything will be alright.  No need to be overly anxious as this can be really destructive and even pretty much distracting.  Be focussed that you are going to rock. You are going to get more and more number of bands as you have done enough time.  in fact, why to fear when you really have adequately prepared for the test.

Think more positively. Do not let any negative feeling disturb you. do not feel overly anxious. Breathe deeply and more calmly if you feel so.  say to yourself that know about it and there is no need of being very disturbed or tensed ro nervous.  Wake up early on the day of exam. Get things done on accordingly a set plan by you. do not just simply rush round as this can make you feel anxious nervous. Reach your center of the examination well before your time. be relaxed na dbe calm. Feel confident of this thing that you are going to get a good score anyhow (after practice really bring a good result).

Improving your language skills:

Many of those  who register for IELTS feel that it would just be a test and they do not have to spend more time on preparation or anything. It will just be like other language tests. Well, it should be told here that if your english language is good then it is too a certain extent gong to give you an advantage but even such students may undergo a language improvements classes so as to improve their language skills. Yes, if you are desirous of taking this exam then it is necessary that you should focus on language improvement firsts and if you do not focus on language enhancement then you are not going to get a good score. You need to possess high level of english language. Focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening. Just be focussed and improve your language skills. read newspapers, magazines, journals and improve your vocabulary. Focus on writing an article or an essay on any topic that might  interests you as this can improve your writing skills. focus on listening to english radio channels. Watch good english serials or movies which can make you inwo more about pronunciation or accent etc.

IELTS study is must so never ever avoid …

You must bear this in mind that studying for IELTS preparation is must and if you do not manage to spend time before your real exam then you may come across a lot of unexpected problems. It is really not just a language test, it is a test which requires masterful skills, analytical, psychological, practical etc. Opt for a lot of IELTS practice tests (such as IELTS listening practice tests, IELTS speaking tests or sample tests in other modules such as IELTS reading tests and IELTS Writing tests etc).

Take IELTS sample tests and record your progress

Source of Online Learning for IELTS Exam
Even an idea of taking one of the best IELTS courses is also good. As this can give you can idea of how the test is and what you can do to improve your grade in it. You have this wonderful opportunity to opt for IELTS online or offline. If you opt for any suitable, less time-consuming IELTS course then you can get the chance to practice enough on all modules. Get prepared for the exam in an orderly manner following some basic or underlying principles.

If any time you require any assistance related to IELTS then send us an email. We would love to provide you all, necessary IELTS help to you…. Anything you can ask us related to IELTS, such as anything about IELTS essays, IELTS vocabulary or other indispensable things…

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