Friday, January 4, 2013

Want a band score 8-9 in IELTS?

Let us talk about IELTS – How to prepare and get through easily with a band score 8-9?

Internal English Language Testing System for short IELTS is highly valued across the world. No matter where you are from but if you are looking for studies in any of the best English countries then it will become indispensable for you to take IELTS first because many of the colleges or the universities across various English speaking countries ask for score in IELTS. If you are someone who knows not much about it then it is time that you should first improve your knowledge of it and then apply for it.

A bit about this international test of the eng-lang:

This IELTS was established in year 1989 (and since then till now the criterion for the selection of the students who are from countries where English is not an official language or where it is spoken less or is not spoken at all has been this test). If there is anyone who is good at academics but not really good at speaking or understanding English language then definitely such a student will not be able to get through this test. If you have a dream to see yourself pursuing education from oxford university in London or any of the best universities in England, Australia, Canada,New Zealand then it is requisite that you should prepare yourself for the test and get a score which is demanded by the international colleges and the universities. Who manages ielts test? Well, this you should know. The test is managed by three main regulatory bodies named as (i) IDP Education Pty (ii) University of Cambridge, ESOL Examinations (iii) British Council. Whether you are in one of the Asian countries such as India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka or in any country across any region you surely will get the chance to apply for the test and take the test at the centre allotted to you nearer to the place you are living in. There are centers across major countries and the cities in the country and it never can be difficult for anyone to apply for IELTS exam if they have a desire to prove their language and be able to work and study in one of the top most English speaking countries.

What is this exam all about? Why is it necessary for anyone who aspires to study in an English country to take this exam?

Well, this is an exam, the importance of which can’t be overlooked. This is an exam which asses the level of fluency of an English language knower. If you are the one who is good at English and you are aiming to go to a country where English is the official language then you need to prove that you too are capable of making use of this language. So, this IELTS exam is an exam which will let the university authorities or the college authorities judge or infer the level of your English fluency by looking at your score in IELTS. If your score is good then only you will be known as a certified English speaker. If you are not able to get a good score in your IELTS then you will not be able to get admission in the college or the university you wish to study in. You can’t get admission without you taking this exam. If you do not take this exam and get a good score then you will have to just simply forget the idea of studying in one of the best and highly looked-for colleges or the universities in any English speaking country. Hence, to accomplish your goals or to be able to see what you would like to become in your life by being in an English country you will have to take this exam otherwise you will have to just simply continue education or your studies in your own country.


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  2. Thanks for sharing this nice post. Many students through out the world aiming to get admission in foreign University or College so students should follow IELTS tips and techniques to pass the IELTS Exam.Thanks for sharing this nice post.


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